Registration Dates for the academic year 2019-2020

Registration for the Master’s degree programs will end on August 8, 2019

During the registration period, open days will be held in the various programs. These days you will be able to hear about the curriculum, talk with the students, learn about the admissions process, consult with the senior faculty and receive explanations on administrative matters

The counseling does not check the qualifications of the candidate

Open days for all Master’s degree programs will be held on the following dates

 Details of the Registration Process for the Master’s Program at Bezalel

Registration for the Master’s Program involves two stages

  1. Online registration – providing personal details and payment.
    *Candidates who do not have an Israeli ID card (i.e., who are not Israeli citizens) are required to fill out a printed registration form. To obtain a printed registration form, contact the Academic Secretary at for one program
    Register for two programs
  2. Uploading a work portfolio (in the relevant programs, as described below) and registration forms to the system

Uploading Registration Forms and Uploading a Portfolio

After completing the online registration, you will receive an initial confirmation email, a link to the System for Uploading Registration Documents & Work Portfolios, and a password to enter the system

You must upload your registration documents and portfolio to the system, as described below

  1. Confirmation of eligibility for the degree – Confirmation in English or Hebrew from the institution where you obtained your Bachelor’s degree. If you have not yet completed your degree, you must upload a signed document from your academic institution – confirming that you are currently completing your degree, and that you will be eligible to receive a degree before the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020.
    Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree from abroad are required, in some cases, to submit a statement from the academic institution where they studied, indicating that the degree they completed is recognized as a Bachelor’s degree in the country where it was received. The request to obtain this statement is sent to candidates only after their acceptance to Bezalel
  2. Transcript – Transcript in Hebrew or English from the institution in which you completed your Bachelor’s degree
  3. Resume – Resume that emphasizes academic education and professional experience
  4. Statement of Intent – The statement of intent describes your aspirations, goals, and motivations in studying toward a Master’s degree and your expectations of it. (Each program has a different emphasis; see the detailed listing below, for each program.)
  5. Portfolio – As part of the acceptance process, candidates for the Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Fine Art, and Visual Communications are required to submit a portfolio. In the programs for Urban Design and Policy & Theory of the Arts, a portfolio is not required

Important! Final approval of registration will be provided after submission of all of the required documents, as defined here. Candidates who used the online registration form but did not upload the required documents will not be able to continue with the process of acceptance to Bezalel
In this case, payment will not be reimbursed for registration and entrance exams

If you uploaded all of required documents during the registration period and did not receive approval of registration within a week from the date of uploading the documents, be in touch urgently with the Academic Secretary at 02-589-3313 or by email at

Registration Fees and Entrance Exams

Registration fees and entrance exams to one program: 700 NIS (330 NIS registration fees + 370 NIS exam fees)
Registration fees and entrance exams to two programs: 900 NIS (330 NIS registration fees + 570 NIS entrance exams for two departments)
If you register for studies on one of the Open Days, you will receive a 200 NIS discount on the registration fee

Registration fees and entrance exams are valid for the submission of your candidacy only once, and only during that year. The fees are not refunded even if you were not tested, or you were not accepted, and even if you cancelled your registration. At the same time, candidates who cancel their registration before the final date of registration do receive money back for the exam fee only

Language Fluency in the Master’s Degree Program

Knowledge of Hebrew – Studies at Bezalel are primarily in Hebrew. Students in the Master’s degree program must have the level of Hebrew that is necessary for their practical and theoretical studies

Knowledge of English – As one of the conditions of acceptance at Bezalel, candidates are required to present their level of exemption in English. Candidates without a degree from a recognized academic institution in Israel or in an English-speaking country are required either to prove that they have a parallel level of English or to pass an AMIR test before the end of their first year

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